Asset Tracking and Maintenance and Indoor Positioning System

Indoor Positioning System, Asset Tracking and Maintenance software for all forms of business.

Asset Tracking and Maintenance

Benefit from an increased business efficiency by using NFC and RFID technology in conjunction with rugged smartphones and tablets and our APPTime Asset Tracking and Maintenance cloud based platform.

We are able to provide visitors to site, be they engineers, medical operatives or carers, with all the information they need to be able to complete their tasks speedily and effectively. The information could be a risk assessment, a floor plan, a cable diagram or a medical record.

Whilst on site if the operative sees something that needs attending to they can raise a ticket and send it back to the controller instantly thus speeding up the resolution to the problem. Messaging by text, audio or visual methods are immediately to hand.

Through APPTime ARVA Solutions can provide added value by integrating with existing software platforms.

RFID, NFC Explained


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Indoor Positioning System

Think of the mapping app on your Smartphone. Have in mind that as a business or service you want to provide the best for your customers or facility users and at the same time understand their movement around an indoor space. Perhaps you would want to guide a worried hospital visitor to an ill relation in the intensive care unit or a keen shopper to a retail outlet with a special offer or make sure that the valuable asset can be found easily if it appears not to be where it should be.

This IPS system can do this and a whole lot more without the need to install an expensive infrastructure.

Sounds unlikely?

This IPS provides GPS like functionality by utilising the combination of Geo Magnetic fields and the consumer sensors fitted to Smartphones.

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