Merchandise Security Tags

Llexan has a history of providing specialist advice and products to match. Whether it be bottle tags, optical tags or washable tags for towels and robes we are able to source the best product for the application. The tags are available in which ever technology is required, RF or AM. Please call to discuss your requirements.


SenSormatic Products

Llexan International Ltd – An Official Distributor of Sensormatic Products from Sensormatic by Johnson Controls

Whether it is Acousto Magnetic labels, including the new Health, Beauty & Cosmetic (HBC) label, hard tags or detection systems you require we at Llexan International are here to help you.

Sensormatic products are known for their high quality and high performance in the challenging retail environment. There are many innovative products that are designed to help protect your merchandise from illicit removal from your shop.

Please do not hesitate to call for information or a quotation.

One Piece Tags


Our new one-piece tag has the pin and locking mechanism either side if a wide, deep jaw that fits onto apparel or other forms of packaging quickly and easily. And re-application is speeded up by not having to find a sharp pin and separate tag!

The One-Piece Tag can have either RF or AM technologies together with, if required, RFID encapsulated in it. A QR code can be printed if necessary.


The LlexCap is an innovative solution for the protection of wines, spirits and champagnes. Its unique way of having two locking mechanisms, one on either side of the cap, makes illicit removal difficult. With two sizes of LlexCap the widest range of merchandise can be protected. LlexCap is available with either AM and RF technologies.

Pinless Tag

Pinless Tag

The Llexan Pinless Tag is the perfect solution to protect the delicate fabrics and apparel such swimwear, lingerie, lace, ball gowns or Gortex based products – anything that would benefit from not having a pin through it. The tag will fit onto a strap or a belt loop and has a soft liner so it does not mark the product. (Available in AM and RF technologies)

Optical Tag

Optical Tag

The combination of our Optical Tag and the door pedestals provide a visible deterrent to theft, enabling retailers to display their products in an open environment rather than in locked cases. The benefits are an increase in sales and an immediate and lasting reduction on theft. The cost of the Optical Tag can be recovered in weeks by the profit improvement achieved. (Available in AM technology)

Bottle Tag

Bottle Tag

The Llexan Bottle Tag is easily manually attached to the neck of a bottle and removed by a magnetic releaser at the point of sale. The Bottle Tag is robustly constructed with its metal lined strap it is designed to impede unauthorized removal. If there is an attempt to steal the bottle the imbedded technology activates a visual and audio alarm within the Pedestals at the door enabling staff to take appropriate recovery procedures. (Available in AM and RF technologies)

Washable Tag

washable tag

Towels and robes get stolen from hotels, spas and country clubs at a surprising rate. Our washable tags can be sewn into these products and can alert staff when these items are being illicitly removed. A simple answer to an expensive problem. (Available in AM and RF technologies)