Compostable Coffee Capsules and Lids

Our compostable coffee capsules and lids, once used, can go straight into food waste. This means that less goes into land fill. Our product is 100% vegetable origin and 100% Biodegradable and Compostable.

At present coffee capsules turn from a convenience product into a mountain of waste. They have become a major environmental headache as they can only we burnt or sent to landfill. An estimated 350 million pieces were thrown away in 2015. With landfill sites reaching capacity and the increasing levies burdened onto local authorities an environmentally friendly alternative is required.

Our Compostable Coffee Capsules and Lids are made of natural materials and comply with and are certificated against the rigorous European Standard EN13432. They also have the all important accreditation from TUV Austria OK Compost and OK Bio-based.


Decomposition Timeline

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